There's an easier way to connect with experts
and have professional resources!
Get expert support to empower your global
pelvic health mission!
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We've got your back and we're listening to your needs!
For pelvic health providers at any level (clinical or fitness) who want to watch their business grow and feel supported with a collaborative team in the process!
You know so much and you CAN do it all... but there are only so many hours in a day and...
You feel like you're MISSING SOMETHING because "everyone else knows the answer to this clinical question"...

You wonder how to offer NEW TYPES OF SERVICES but you're not sure who to ask about it...

You have some clinical questions about a current case and you need info FAST. You need someone to ask...

You don't have time to take ALL OF THE COURSES and go to ALL OF THE CONFERENCES even though you really want to hear those world-class experts present...

You need a group of like-minded professionals to help keep you ACCOUNTABLE to reach your goals.

You're still using stick figures and OLD HANDOUTS from 10 years ago because it just takes too long to update it all or you aren't sure about copyright issues...

You're doing you're best... but...
And then when we pile on family commitments, kids, the hustle of being an entrepreneur, relationships... it's EXHAUSTING!
There's an easier to feel supported and have
someone else do some of the work for you.
We know! We've been there. We've developed a system to get you the support you need to flourish at doing the things you love.
Joining a tried and true group who is
supporting each other and taking advantage
of a growing collection of resources isn't just

a dream...

We've created it. You just have to say YES!
Stop doing it on your own and join a group
that is here to support you in your endeavors!
The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership (GPHAM) is a pelvic health success system that gives you all that you need IN ONE PLACE.
In this membership, you'll be able to take advantage of...
  • World-class experts doing webinars with Tracy Sher interviewing them LIVE in our group for our members to ask questions

  • A library of recorded expert webinars so you can have a quick go-to collection of immediate answers to your burning clinical questions AS YOU NEED THEM... you don't have to wait for the course!

  • A growing collection of professional anatomy illustrations to use for your own website, blogs, social media posts, fliers, etc.

  • Professional handouts that you can use with your virtual or live clients.

  • Progress pods that team you up with like-minded professionals that are all there to help power you to your goals.

  • Online meetups
The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership will help you reach your goals in your career if you use the system.
EVEN IF you work at a clinic or hospital and aren't doing your own business.
EVEN IF you've got a limited budget.
EVEN IF you've got limited time and so many commitments.
EVEN IF you're new to pelvic health.
EVEN IF you've been in pelvic health for decades.
EVEN IF you don't have time to take advantage of all that the membership offers
Save Time. Save Energy. Get Connected.
Let me ask you a question...
When is the last time you felt supported in your business or
clinical career?
The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership will help you reach your goals in your career if you use the system.
If you are...
  • FRUSTRATED with trying to do it all on your own

  • BUMMED to not have up-to-date resources at your fingertips

  • WISHING for fast access to expert advice and material for growing your business and your clinical skills...

  • DESIRING to have an EASY button to get more done!
GPHAM is the answer you've been looking for!
What kind of results do you want?
Here's what current members are saying about their results:
Some of you might be building a clinical business. We know that can be hard.

Learn from our struggles and wins.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel.
In a recent anonymous survey, look what
our members had to say:

"The illustrations and handouts have saved me so much time and money. It has been an amazing resource. I also love the fact that I have a place to go for answers!"
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"It has given me confidence and a place to fall back on for clear and trustworthy knowledge for my business sticking points as well as clinically challenging cases. Non-judgmental helping me with easier cases too and supportive since I have not been in pelvic health for my whole career."
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"I've grown in my knowledge, had time to devote more to patients because the illustrations and handouts are ready to go and I can review with clients without having to make them from scratch. I have gained connections with other professionals across the states and have been able to learn more through all the webinars and content included. I've also gained a few new clients through the directory listing."
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"Being a private practice owner it is nice to feel a part of a community where you can reach out for help whether it be clinical or business. "
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"GPHAM helps keep me updated on pelvic health related topics from excellent speakers, who are often times leaders in their specialty. I am proud to show my affiliation with GPHAM through the use the handouts and illustrations. These tools have elevated my ability to educate my patients due their exceptional quality. "
Will this work for me?
GPHAM is designed to provide valuable resources to help with clinical skills as well as business and marketing growth. Is that you?
Our members include:
Pelvic Physical Therapists
Pelvic Occupational Therapists
Postpartum Fitness Professionals
Sex Therapists
Sex Counselors
...and other professionals who are passionate about pelvic health

With the click of a button, you can become part of our pelvic health movement!
But more importantly, you'll feel like you've got some support and breathing room because we've done so much of the work for you!
Here's what having support in your pelvic health career feels like:
Community of colleagues and friends to support your successes, provide guidance, and lean on you for guidance.

Professional handouts and illustrations available for you to use with your in-person or telehealth clients.

Community requests taken for the direction of the material that is created.

Immediately available webinars and support for your growing business.

Clinical advice and immediately available recorded expert discussion on clinical pelvic health topics.
Time for some real-talk.
  • We know that you have time skills and ability to do this on your own.
  • But can't your time be better spent on things that ONLY YOU can do?
  • We've all been stuck in this same conundrum... thinking it's cheaper to do it on your own.
  • But is it actually saving money? Or is it costing you time?
You have two choices.
Keeping spending time and energy on creating things from scratch and searching for the best available information.
Join a group that does much of this work for you and provides you with a
sense of community!
You have two choices.
Keeping spending time and energy on creating things from scratch and searching for the best available information.
Join a group that does much of this work for you and provides you with a
sense of community!
This membership contains benefits that save our members time and money!
Here's what you'll get with membership:
Valued at: $8,000
Valued at: $1,000
Expert Webinars
Valued at: $3,150
Valued at: Priceless!
Facebook Group
Valued at: Priceless!
Progress Pods
Valued at: $360
For a total value of:
Here's what you'll get with membership:
Valued at: $8,000
Valued at: $1,000
Valued at: $3,150
Valued at: Priceless!
Valued at: Priceless!
Valued at: $360
For a total value of:
Bonuses Expire Soon! Don't miss out!
Calendar of Pelvic Health Events (updated regularly) (Value $97)

Munira Hudani's Webinar: Diastasis Recti (Value $75)

12 Tips and Steps to Starting a PT Cash Practice PDF + Business Roundtable Webinar
(Value $154)

Webinar: Cash-Based/Out of Network: Can We Treat Medicare Patients?
with Tracy Sher & Nancy Beckley
(Value $75)

Tracy Sher's "Words Matter" Pelvic Pain Presentation (popular talk Integrating the latest pain science and biopsychosocial research)
(Value $20)

Tracy Sher's Botox for Pelvic Pain Presentation
(Value $40)

Premier Directory Listing at (more visibility) (Value $120)

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Bonus 1....$97
Bonus 2...$75
Bonus 3...$154
Bonus 4...$75
Bonus 5...$20
Bonus 6...$40
Bonus 7...$120

Add Membership Value: $12,510
TOTAL VALUE: $13,091
Get it TODAY for: $399/year
or $40/month (annually)